Popular Links

Below you’ll find links to relevant Websites and resources that can help you during engineering and construction projects.

http://babydressout.com/product/baby-girl-sweatshirts/ FEWA – Forensic Expert Witness Association

This organization helps attorneys and insurance companies to locate experts in a variety of technical disciplines. Helfrich-Associates is an active member of this organization.  http://fober.hu/wp-content/themes/optimizepress/lib/admin/media-upload.php www.forensic.org

Villa Canales City of Los Angeles Building Department

This Web site is a good source of information for engineering and construction issues in Southern California.  http://alandaluzza.com/?author=2 www.ladbs.org

  ICC – International Code Council

This organization is the publisher of building codes that are used throughout the world. www.iccsafe.org

ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE was founded in 1852 and represents more than 140,000 members in the civil engineering profession worldwide. www.asce.org

Structural Engineers of Southern California

This is a professional organization of civil and structural engineers. www.seaosc.org