About Us

About Us

Helfrich-Associates has been providing engineering and construction consulting services in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Utah since 1995. Steve Helfrich realized there was a missing service niche in the engineering market: a diverse team of experts available through one company. Hence, Helfrich-Associates was born. Our customers no longer need to hire several different companies to meet the needs of their project. We are your one-stop-shop.

Helfrich-Associates provides services to the following client groups:

  • Attorneys: Imparting expert consulting services for construction litigations.
  • Contractors: Providing investigations, plans, and specifications for construction projects.
  • Insurance Adjustors: Furnishing cause and origin reports, damage assessments, and repair plans.
  • Property Management Companies: Offering damage assessment reports and repair plans.
  • Property Owners: Rendering property inspections, evaluation of damage, and preparation of plans and specifications for repairs and additions.

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