Emergency Roof Repair: From “Oh No” . . . To “Ho, Ho, Ho!” 

If there’s any good news when you’re facing an unexpected roof repair, we’re coming into the best time of year to make roof repairs.  A beautiful new roof or a well-maintained or repaired roof not only keeps you warm and dry, it adds value to any home. There are several reasons why late spring to early summer is the best time of year to complete a roofing project

First, the likelihood of rain starts to diminish in May and June in Southern California and the rest of the West as we head into June and July.  So, now is the time to get started whether you need minor patching or when bigger areas need replacement or if you need a whole new roof for that vacation, fixer or rental property.

Second, roofing contractors are busy and you’ll need to get in line soon for the best teams that will do a good job. A lot of ordinary roof maintenance has been deferred over the past two or three years during the pandemic.  In addition, there is still a workforce shortage now that unemployment is low and many companies are having trouble finding experienced workers.

Roof Repair and Professional RooferThird, the pandemic has affected roofing materials manufacturers too. Factories are not yet operating at full capacity. That means that roofing material supply shortages are driving up prices and delivery times in what looks to be an inflationary cycle that is here to stay.  Pay now or pay more later is familiar advice when it comes to roofing.

Concrete Roof TilesAt Helfrich Associates, our friends in the roofing business tell us that delaying repairs until late summer or early fall could be a problem this year.  We work with many insurance companies and specialize in roof structural analysis to make sure that roof repairs are done correctly after storm damage, pipe water leak ceiling collapses and severe fire flame or smoke damage.

Rain Storm and DownpourOf course, sometimes you can’t time repairs, especially after a major wind or rain storm or when a fire incident occurs.  One of our local clients living in a foothill community several years ago was the victim of an early fall October surprise deluge and windstorm that required an older roof to be completely removed and replaced.  Not only was the roof a total loss, but there was water damage inside the property making it unlivable.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, the family was concerned their children would miss the Great Pumpkin, Tom Turkey and Santa Claus.  We worked with them and their insurance adjustors to assess damage and propose structural, roofing and ceiling repairs.  The hope was that everything would be done by Thanksgiving, but the process of funding, permitting and securing contractors took extra time because of the severe damage.

The good news is the family managed to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving with relatives and friends.  The roof repairs were then finished so that the construction warning tape came down just in time to clear a landing zone for Santa and his reindeer on their new roof.  There was a Hollywood film “Happy Ending” for this family.

Fireplace with Christmas StockingsOur gift to you is some insider tips for roof maintenance.  When the signs that your roof is aging, such as minor leaking caused by shifting materials, shrinkage, gaps, etc., consider yourself forewarned and take action sooner rather than later.  Repairing a roof not only is expensive, but it takes careful planning, permits, inspections and more time than you might think.

At Helfrich Associates, we can help you decide how much repair is necessary or if replacement is the best option. If you live in a vintage, custom or tract home, a solid roof is your best protection against the elements and more.  A solid roof is energy efficient too in winter and summer, especially if you also install new insulation.

Whatever your roofing needs, we’re licensed structural engineers with over 30-years of experience in home restoration and construction. We’ll help you assess roof damage or new roof requirements, prepare cost-effective plans that meet code, qualify for permits, meet bank loan requirements, will pass final inspection and are insurable once the job is done.

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