Warning: Falling Rocks

Alpine: Photo of Damage

A photograph of the damage from falling rock.

Remember when, at the beginning of the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the scene where Indy takes a golden statue off of a pedestal and a giant boulder begins to tumble down a ramp, almost crushing our hero? Well, imagine that boulder at the top of a hill near your property. Now imagine it rolling down the hill, except your home or commercial structure isn’t Indiana Jones, and it can’t escape!

Helfrich-Associates recently was invited to help resolve just such a situation in Alpine, California. A car-size boulder dislodged from a hillside, rolled down the hill, and crushed a portion of a commercial building. Not only did the boulder itself cause severe damage to the building, but it was also accompanied by smaller falling rock debris that made the area a very large mess.

Fortunately for our client, we have experience with this type of boulder and falling rocks disaster. Our firm has the knowledge and expertise to assess the situation and plot the correct course of action – from cleanup of the falling rocks to stabilization of the surrounding areas.

Sketch of Plans for Boulder Damage Remediation

In order to resolve issues and damage from falling rock, we sketched out several views of the surrounding areas. These were used as part of our action plan.

As part of our remediation plans, we’ll remove portions of the affected building to make a path for the heavy equipment that will conduct falling rocks and boulder debris extraction. We can also implement a mitigation plan where our team will work to stabilize any areas around the property so that this type of falling rocks situation is less likely to occur in the future.

Need help with damage caused by boulders and falling rocks? Contact us for a consultation.

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